Product Photography – Backup Drives

The Background I hate buying hard-drives, there is nothing particularly exciting about it and every time one starts to go I know I will need two because I always back-up the drives. In [...]

By |2021-03-27T12:27:49+00:00March 27th, 2021|Bowens, Nikon, Photographic Equipment, Product Photography|0 Comments

Product and Packshot Photography in Exeter for Morbern Europe

There's something pleasing about your client bringing you a coffee to start the day off particularly when the shoot is at your own Exeter photography studio. But Barnfield Crescent has its own coffee master in [...]

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Photographing The Bridge Motorcycles (Exeter) 1953 Vincent Black Shadow

Photographing Classic British Motorbikes on Location I couldn't hide my surprise when Lee, of Bridge Motorcycles Exeter, offered to release The Vincent from its cage so that I could photograph it for the [...]

By |2018-11-05T13:34:01+00:00November 5th, 2018|Bowens, Motorbike photography, Nikon|0 Comments

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