European Architecture & Local Property Photography

Photographing Buildings

A while ago I was talking to my young daughter about ‘landscape’ photography, we were talking about people’s varied thoughts of wind-farms and I was pondering whether I might clone a wind-farm out of a landscape shot with Photoshop. “But Daddy, that is the landscape’ she replied.

To be fair this is my sentiment too, and it is this juxtaposition that I enjoy and would wish to photograph.

A Place for People

This built world has little reason without the people that it was built for, as such for me architectural photography will ideally include photography of the people within the buildings, streets and vistas.

Interiors and Detail Photography

We have a huge amount of equipment that when the ‘keep it simple’ approach won’t work will help us light complex situations.

Interiors often tell a different tale to exteriors, almost always. Photographs of room interiors often brings with it new challenges and technical needs, lenses and lighting in particular. Viewpoint and vision are paramount.

Property Photography in Devon

We have compiled a case study based on a commission from a Topsham based architect’s company to photograph one of their recently constructed properties.

You are free to download the PDF here>