Commercial Photography in Exeter by Andrew Butler

South West Photographer

Andrew Butler, a professional photographer in Exeter – Devon, works on commercial photography projects as well as direct to the public commissions. His photography folio includes;

  • Packshot photos

  • Product photography

  • Portrait and headshot photos

  • Industrial photography

  • Property photography

  • PR and headshot photographs

With a strong and wide ranging photography folio a common theme to the images shown on these pages is photography of people involved.

Our well equipped studio in central Exeter provides a convenient base for both headshots and product photography.

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Packshot and Product Photography

Sometimes less really is more.

Yes it’s great to get the commission that takes you and a team to far flung shores to find ‘just that setting’ (sighs) but a lot of the time all that’s needed is a simple shot.

The reason for this is that frequently, particularly for online sales purposes and for that matter catalogues and brochures, the potential purchaser just needs to be able to understand the full extent of what they are buying, nothing less and nothing more.

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Headshot & Portrait Photos

With a liking for relaxed portrait photography in both colour and black and white, Exeter photographer Andrew Butler offers:

  • Portrait photography (studio or location)

  • Headshot photos (group or individual)

  • PR company photography

  • Industrial location portraiture

  • Documentary type portraits

  • Corporate meeting photographs

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Industry & Engineering Photos

This is about seeing and photographing industry with new eyes, looking for the beauty, and good engineering and construction abounds with potential.

We are not looking for the old clichés, we are looking to take a photograph of a construction site that people will want to hang in their own home, and yes, we are proud to say that is exactly what happens.

Our engineering and construction photography commissions are rarely staged but are far more than simple documentary photography. Recent work has included:

  • Photos of Network Rail Sites

  • Completed Civils Work

  • Brochure Photography for Engineering Companies

  • Photography from Pontoons and Dinghies

  • Location Photography For Manufacturing Companies

  • Property Photography for Architects

Welcoming of the opportunity to undertake photography commissions in sometimes challenging environments, there is always a bag packed full of appropriate PPI workwear packed and a CSCS card in the wallet.

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Motoring Photography

Andrew Butler is known as a specialist motoring photographer and has a reputation for motorbike photographs and motoring based photography, although a common theme to the images shown here is photography of people involved.

If God is in the detail we will photograph it whether it’s photos of a Ducati open clutch, a Dino engine on a stand or Nick Mason’s Ferrari 250 filler cap. With a strong eye for graphic design and a genuine deep knowledge of the subject we understand what we are photographing.

Across the spectrum, photos of bikes or photos of cars, photos of a racetrack, a hill-climb or photos of a motor showroom we are in our comfort zone here.

Ongoing motoring photo commissions included various motorbike calendars which we shoot in their entirety as well as numerous motoring events throughout the country.

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Devon Property Photographer

Our agreed brief was to create a simple record of the property that would say more about the architecture and build quality than the photography or photographer. A simple honest, record.

With property photography every room brings with it new photographic opportunities and challenges. Planning the journey through the property is essential, understanding how and where the light will fall. Most people would assume that a blisteringly bright sunny day is an ideal environment for photography, and there are occasions when morning light streaming through a window can be very evocative. However a bright cloudy day is generally much more malleable, take note.

This isn’t a sales brochure shoot; it’s a record of design, of quality and of achievement. However it is also a shoot of a house that is becoming a home, this is what this building has been designed as. In that respect it is a huge opportunity to get to record the house in these early days of its own journey.

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