Engineering and Industrial Photography

Real Industrial Photos

There is a world out there that people rarely get a glimpse of whether it is an industrial manufacturing factory floor or an engineering site on a foul rainy day. It is a huge honour to get the opportunity to photograph people at work in these environments.

Recent industrial photos have been for clients such as Dyer and Butler (civil engineers) as well as Techserv for whom we have photographed at their own factory in Yorkshire as well as other locations in the UK including photography at the Babcock Marine shipyard, Appledore.

Action Photography

Hostile environments are a regular aspect of the photographic work, whether it is a plasma or water jet machine at work or getting down and dirty photographing a construction site.

Photographic work for clients such as civil engineering companies has involved photography from height, on pontoons and from small dinghies. We have recently photographed on rail repair sites, in engineering workshops and ship-yards.

As you might expect, as well as the waterproof Peli case full of Nikons there is also a bag packed full of suitable safety equipment ready to go at all times: boots, helmets, goggles, gloves. Of course all of this is backed by full insurance.

Studio & Location Photography

We have a huge amount of equipment that when the ‘keep it simple’ approach won’t work will help us light complex situations. It may be that parts need shooting for a simple ‘pack-shot’ style, whiteout backgrounds or simple in-situ detail shots.