Corporate Portrait Photography

OK,it’s a bit of a hobby-horse of mine but, why would anyone turn to stock photography for corporate purposes when, with a bit of planning, their own staff could be photographed? I genuinely believe that the people who form an organisation are an essential part of the brand DNA and, as such, should be celebrated.

This is the same for commercial ventures and non-profit organisations whether large or small.

I guess if you use ‘Reductio ad absurdum’ would a sole operator company get away with a shot of -choose your film star- on the company website?

(It goes without saying that I think we are all stars.)

Use Stock Images or Commission a Commercial Photographer?

I can’t believe I am the only person who has picked up a brochure and looked at ‘that smiling woman with the headset on’ or ‘that silver fox American exec’ who seems to work in every UK business. These images always seem jarring and incongruous to me.

In addition I’m not convinced the figures stack up in favour of stock images, shooting workshop sessions can work out surprisingly cost-effective on a cost per photo basis.

An Alternative To Group Shots

The images below were taken from a series of shoots of workshops commissioned by EDF Energy. After each workshop the photos were put in a PDF booklet, a DesignCredo design working strictly to the group brand. These PDFs were then sent to to each attendee of the sessions as a memento and as a tool for future networking and staff cohesion.

Frequently organisations may commission photographers to capture a group shot in front of a banner. Sometimes these images may have a value that is more than ephemeral, recently though the image dates quickly and has little use within the wider business environment. However the images presented here form part of a growing internal picture library that is used to populate staff comms. brochures and intranets.

Forgetting The Photographer is In The Room

An essential part of this approach is that the photographer needs to be able to shoot in a documentary style. Flash would ruin the ambience and would not offer particularly flattering images.

Useful also is a good location, ideally a reasonable amount of natural light and a bit of space to manoeuvre. I am a large man but time after time people reported ‘forgetting I was there’ which in this situation is exactly how it should be!

The whole rationale behind this approach is to capture genuine interactions and moments in a sympathetic manner.

Headshot Photography Website

We now have a complete website dedicated to headshot and business portrait photography, click here to visit it.

Gallery of Documentary Style Informal Corporate Portrait Photographs