Devon Commercial Photographer – Andrew Butler

Andrew Butler – Commercial & Professional Photographer

I bought a 1960s Canon Canonet recently, like the one my father had; I think this was where it started.

Sold cameras in London’s West End in the late 1970s, this was when I bought my first proper camera.

Psychology degree at Middlesex Poly in the 1980s, much later a PGCE at Exeter; Ted Wragg Award winner. Owned a courier company in West Yorkshire in between.

Designing websites in the late 1990s, brands too, loved litho. Created the original Arts Award brand for Arts Council England.

Focussed on photography after a move to Devon around 2002. More interested in getting it in the camera rather than with the computer; love lighting and light.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivor living with a bit of cancer, it changes one’s perspective. Doing OK though.