There’s something pleasing about your client bringing you a coffee to start the day off particularly when the shoot is at your own Exeter photography studio. But Barnfield Crescent has its own coffee master in the form of Matt and Timber Coffee so why not Carine, why not?

Morbern Europe have over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of coated fabrics, and create products for all decorative upholstery projects.

Carine had arranged for all of the samples to be shipped direct to the studio meaning that on the day we were up and running immediately.

Packshot Photography in Exeter

The shoot was split into two distinct parts, firstly we captured the company’s own marketing aids in a simple packshot style. Shooting tethered to to the Mac meant that Carine could see the progress of this aspect of the job whilst also attending to the product shot selections.

Product Photography in Exeter

Having already run some test-shots prior to the shoot we agreed that all of the sets of fabrics were to be photographed with the same lighting setup and from the same distance. This would offer a great basis for comparison and show off the range of visual qualities of each of the fabrics.

These products were a delight to photograph, offering a fantastic range of reflective surfaces and textures as well as a pleasing set of colour palettes. Though basically table-top scale work the setup employed five light sources in total. The product images seen here are as they came out of the camera which of course is the aim of this work.

You can find more of our product photography work here.