The Glamorous Side of Photography

I met someone at a soirée recently who seemed excited when I said I was a photographer; she lectured in the subject. “What do you photograph?” she asked. “Well today I’ve photographed some hot-tub chemicals.” I replied.


“Hot tubs have chemicals?”.”Why?” and so forth. I backed off from explaining that I had found the white on white shoot quite an appealing technical challenge although as they say, it isn’t rocket science.

The task is to light the foreground and the background separately to each other, this isn’t an unusual task though; most headshots employ a related technique. Ideally the product will sit on a clear platform so the illuminated backdrop can be seen. Glass might do but it invariably has a colour tint to it. Cast acrylic is the tool, reasonably thick and frankly hideously expensive, the piece in this shoot is about £180, ouch!

For this studio photography shoot the product didn’t need particularly complex lighting so it was a simple three light setup – two for the product one for the background, pretty much every shoot we do has a colour profile made to ensure colour accuracy. Again our preferred approach is shooting tethered to the Mac.

This isn’t the glamorous or exciting side of photography but there is still a satisfaction to it.