Space: Interior Design Photography – Crowdcube Exeter

These photographs aren't setups, they are documentary photographs of recently commissioned workspace and interior design undertaken by Space of Exeter. As such the images of Crowdcube's new office environment are an honest photographic record of the results of the fantastic [...]

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Lifestyle Photographs of Topsham, Exeter and Devon

Stock photos of stick out like the proverbial so why not commission some new and relevant photographs of Devon lifestyle? We are regularly asked for photographs of Exeter and Devon whether the focus is on shopping, the day to day [...]

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Hot Vessel Photography in Devon!

When I say hot I mean SCORCHIO! The Volvo Pentas had just powered the vessel from Exeter Fabrication to Turf Lock Devon and it was warm work crawling over that engine. The added truth is that my fine-knit Guernsey jumper [...]

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Location Motorcycle Photography: Kawasaki ZX10rr

Motorcycle photography in the UK is a bit of a lottery and a coastal location in February on increases the risk of a lively shoot, but the weather gods were playing fair on this visit. I'd visited Severn Beach previously [...]

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