In all honesty this one didn’t quite go to plan. Karin had to go to London; this one had to be by car so I tagged along. I’d hoped to clean up on the galleries but, hey, most of them had shut for the weekend!

So Friday was a long walk, which in part is why I visit cities, and then a long walk back. I’d taken the old Nikon D810 with a few prime lenses, the Leica was at the house too. However in the end the old 50mm ƒ/1.4D was the only lens that I used all weekend, and why not?

These shots are by record of some of the weekend, just observations, no fancy computer stuff other than turning some mono. We did get to see a few galleries, the V&A on the way back was a delight and the Royal Academy trip was a bonus too. Chewing the cud with the guys at Bar Italia was a fabulous example of why just walking around with the camera is a must.