A fabulous day’s photography shows the value of planning for this Devon counselling training provider.

Set in the fantastic Dartington Hall the day’s photography encompassed a number of group sessions in a training room, followed by some group work in the grounds around Dartington. The weather was helpful, though as often in Devon, varied throughout the day.

The broad scope of the day had been well planned ahead of the day so the first task was to plan the use of the space and rearrange the room accordingly. Putting it simply the seats were arranged to allow a range of uncluttered views that would benefit most from the natural light. Light levels were raised inside the room slightly for some shots with speedlights bouncing off the (fortunately) white walls.

For most of the day the people in the shots were discussing and sharing amongst themselves their experiences; this made for animated positive expressions. There were a couple of set-up ‘training’ sessions that made for some really fun interactions. Though the light was very bright coming through some of the windows it made for a soft lighting look, however from different angles the shooting benefitted from the side-lighting. For the outdoor shots tree shade allowed for gentle lighting on what was a pretty bright afternoon.

At the end of the day the client now has access to a large tranche of (non-stock) images in a variety of shooting styles.