Motorbike Photography Using Natural Light

Most of my motorbike photography shoots at the moment use flash, normally Bowens strobes often augmented by some Nikon speedlights. Even the 'outdoor' shots have a bit of help as can be seen here. So for this Ducati motorbike photograph [...]

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Photographing Peter’s 2015 BMW HP4 in Topsham, Devon

Peter Robins has a very nice BMW HP4 and I knew just the place to shoot it, Drew's 'shed' (I use the term loosely). With this project I have been absolutely knocked out by people's support. Peter, who had got [...]

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Female Portraits: Anya

Another short notice one; Short notice but any chance you could pop over tomorrow PM and get a few shots of Anya going off to her prom in the Bentley? I told you? No pressure either. A great setting and [...]

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Devon is Wet

No-one pointed out to me how wet Devon gets before I moved. Yes yes I should have got that Devon's green fields don't just happen. The first Autumn we were here the road out of Topsham (past the Bridge) flooded [...]

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2014 Calendar Time

Some time ago I posted about the exeter civil engineering photography of the Exe cycle bridge, well now the work gets an outing in the form of the D&B 2014 calendar. The layout and outputting was done by the great [...]

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Civil Engineering Photography in Devon

Sometimes you get a job that comes from nowhere but is a total blast to do. "We would like you to photograph a cycle bridge for us." "Well, actually, we have a bunch of bridge spans coming into Exeter from [...]

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Meßsucher – an exhibition of photographs by Andrew Butler

OK, at very short notice I have been asked to fill a gap on a wall. A bit of history, we used to run from an office over The Café, Topsham so it's a bit like returning home. These photos [...]

Local Photographer Averts Certain Disaster

Local photographer Andrew Butler averted an almost certain disaster having noticed a roadside wildfire whilst filling his old Saab estate up at the Clyst St George petrol station. "Aware of the fire risk when using mobile phones on petrol station [...]

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Devon Photography

No reason for this, just working through some old shots of Devon, sneaking in some bikes and Ferraris. Mostly shot on the Leica M9 with either the 50mm Summilux or the 28mm Summicron. For those who are interested in such [...]

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