Resistance Training With The Leica M9

Here's a thing, I swim a lot, but it's a bit boring. In fact if I have the lane to myself my eyes are frequently shut and I'm often thinking about photography, visualising, planning shoots, considering lighting. Last year I [...]

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Holiday Snaps? Pah, It’s Exercise!

I guess sometimes it takes a very understanding partner. OK so I did the driving but we'd driven from Exeter to Paris, had dropped my daughter off at the flat and, whilst partner was parlezing with the homme in the [...]

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Meßsucher – an exhibition of photographs by Andrew Butler

OK, at very short notice I have been asked to fill a gap on a wall. A bit of history, we used to run from an office over The Café, Topsham so it's a bit like returning home. These photos [...]

La Défense in Paris photographed by Andrew Butler

La Défense in Paris is almost the antithesis of most of the prevailing Paris architecture. Yes, some of the older architecture does have space to breathe but you don't come to La Défense for small bustling cafés. Wide open spaces [...]

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