Earlier today I posted this image on Linkedin and I was asked:

How do you find the M9 I am looking for an agile rig I could use in Motorsports?

This was my reply:

Oh my, more of a question than you realise.

If I had the money I would happily have upgraded to the M240 (the one with the big buffer). The M9 is a real problem-child. I have used it for motoring but is is a very S L O W camera with a tiny buffer. It has a limited dynamic range compared to my Nikons and long lenses don’t sit well on it.

But. Leica lenses are fantastic and when the moment is right shooting with it is a lovely experience. I have a small Billingham with the M9 a 28, 50 and 90mm lens and a waterproof; easy travelling, it sits nicely in the bike top-box when we travel abroad.

Prior to buying it I had read “your images will look different”. They do.

The Leica was bought in part as a nod to my (then) recently departed father. I guess it was a bit of ‘carpe diem’ and also something to remember him by. I hope he would have liked the results. It’s fair to say though that whilst the camera isn’t the easiest to live with there really is something different about shooting with it.

Recently the camera has just returned from Leica, the sensor has been replaced following the much-reported problems. The camera returned in pretty much a fully re-furbished state which made it difficult to take it out again and re-commence the weathering process. I thanked Andrea at Leica for their prompt and full service and she responded:

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your mail.
I´m glad that the camera has arrived safely and please…do use it !!!

Andrea Frankl
Leica Camera AG

So those were my instructions! I’d better get on with it hadn’t I?