Another great set of products to photograph in the studio for Morbern! Their coated fabrics are used a variety of decorative upholstery projects both indoors and outdoors.

There are a number of aspects to the task, at the most basic level the various samples need photographing flat however the image needs to convey both the texture and colour of the product. Further to this collections of product need photographing together to communicate how the various colour palettes work as a set, these images typically show also how light will work on the fabrics and interact with them. In addition some of the company’s marketing aids are recorded.

Studio Photography Work

There is a very different mood to a studio product photography shoot compared to say a vehicle photography shoot or a headshot session, but I know I am not alone in enjoying this range of work.

Product photography is about control particularly of light and as with other aspects of my work the shot is made with the lighting and in the camera not with the Mac. For these images the light needs to be simple enough not to confuse the viewer but complex enough to describe the product well and give it dimension. Continuing from the early lockdown work the Translum continues to be really useful both as diffusion over the light and as a smooth background for the bag shots.

Breaking for lunch it seemed only reasonable to visit the local Oxfam shop, second-hand books seem preferable to throw-away magazines. I was pleased to find a love-note in the Horst P. Horst book, rest assured it will stay with the book.