The studio is in a low-use basement part of a shared building. Being a listed building we look to run open window ventilation whilst people are visiting to ensure good airflow; this isn’t an air-conditioned space.

There is a hand sanitiser at the main entrance to the building and I put one outside the studio when clients are attending. Surfaces that clients and headshot sitters are likely to come into contact with are wiped down before and after, the studio bathroom is also sanitised prior to visits.

Due to the nature of the studio it is unlikely that anyone other than myself will have used the space for a couple of days prior to a headshot visit unless we are doing multiple shots in a sitting. With multiple subject corporate shoots the surfaces are cleaned after each client visits.

Part of the headshot process has previously been that we breakout and view the images on a laptop to consider progress. At this time we have added a second monitor to maintain this important aspect of the service whilst maintaining social distancing.

We ask clients to bring their own water at the moment although in most weekday mornings Matt is selling coffee from Timber Coffee in the crescent.

On a personal note I constantly monitor my own health and in particular do a temperature check prior to my own studio visits. We take COVID precautions very seriously and aim to provide a safe environment for people to visit the studio. We ask that these considerations are reciprocated.

Andrà tutto bene!