Photographing for someone else’s folio today in the Exeter photography studio.

Henry had a few items the needed photographing, and being a designer himself he was in a good position to articulate what he wanted the images to look like. Better still he’d already had a go at photography of the products. We discussed focus stacking and so forth but Henry knew the look he was seeking.

Shooting in the Exeter studio and sending proofs via WeTransfer is a nice way to work, I normally shoot tethered on the studio, the images go straight to the computer, so a quick output from Lightroom and the files are there in a jot.

This is perfect! Exactly what I wanted.

And when the reply email says this we know we are working well together. As is often the case, and I have boxes of samples from my graphic design days, we keep on to the samples but every time they are handled they risk damage and wear, so it was a case of ‘handle with extreme care’.