There is a pleasure to simple product photography, and sometimes it’s just fun to do it!

These images have all been shot in our central Exeter photography studio over the last week for a variety of reasons. The ceramics looked like they would photograph well and I now seem to be the owner of one of Anthi’s beautiful pieces, which is nice.

The veg were just a test to see if the table which was brought in as a headshot prop would make a reasonable background.

Finally the print has been sitting in the studio for a while waiting to be photographed and this morning when my headshot sitter was poorly it seemed like a reasonable time to photograph it. I was interested to see how the cherry backdrop paper that I recently added would work!

There’s a common thread to all of the images in that the lighting setup for each was deliberately kept simple, three lights max, and to be honest I’m not shy of using lots of lights. There is a pleasure in keeping it simple though.

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