Photographing jewellery, silver and rings in the Exeter product photography studio has been a fun shoot.

I never got round to photographing my own Omega Seamaster 300m so it seemed odd photographing something I am so familiar with but when the client opened up the red box I felt I knew the item intimately. I wear the Speedmaster because it’s a rock-solid watch, very robust difficult to mark and damage also quite unobtrusive, however, when it’s someone else’s it feels like the most fragile thing in the world!

The brief is to capture the items as the pre-owned items they are and following on from the watch were further small but high-value items to shoot. The main intended use of these is to be presented as framed items to hang on a wall and we will be supporting the client through the production process.

We’re all really looking forward to seeing these items in their new home, I’ll share some shots when they are up!