Motorcycle photography in the UK is a bit of a lottery and a coastal location in February on increases the risk of a lively shoot, but the weather gods were playing fair on this visit. I’d visited Severn Beach previously so I knew there was a shot to be had.

The initial problem was how to we unite the bike and bridge as a background?

Roy Constable, co-owner of RC Express, suggested hauling the bike up the steep grass banking to allow access to a site unfettered by safety barriers but I didn’t fancy trying to arrest a lovely limited edition Kawasaki ZX10rr if it chose to slide. Fortunately there was a vantage point further along with a slipway; sorted!

Ben Constable was bringing the bike in a van so the big tripod was stand in whilst I set up. The light and weather were good but the wind was brisk and conditions could change, still it was worth risking shooting tethered straight to the laptop.

A single re-position of the bike and with sunlight coming face on to the bike two large gold reflectors managed by Dom and Ben added a little warmth to the winter light. I was a little surprised we didn’t have to play chase the reflector, I wouldn’t have tried this setup with a high gloss black bike but these satin finishes are very accommodating.

A simple natural light motorbike photograph will sit well with the other calendars shots that I have taken, and from less than a roll of film I was happy!

(No of course I didn’t shoot on film!)

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