This product photography taken near Swindon is as much about the material as the creation. These precision instruments are created using aluminium, milled with 5 axis CNC technology from a solid block.

Whilst these instruments use traditional necks, as we were shooting the first of the aluminium necks were being created similarly from a CNC house somewhere in Rutland.

This shoot shows what can be achieved in a front room, aided and abetted by a small dog! Originally we had planned to shoot at the production site but scheduling the photography with the precise moment of production was proving difficult so Plan B became the viable plan. Yes a bespoke photography studio would have seemed the ideal location but sometimes it’s just easier to chuck the gear in the car.

The instruments are impressive, nicely weighted and of course CNC levels of accuracy in construction; pleasingly understated too. The finish comes from anodising with a subtle radial burst of the front.

The images were commissioned by an agency in Sweden and seem to have gone down well:

Hi Andrew,

Our art director was really pleased with your work as well.

Great work, again!

Best regards,

The article is now available online here.

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