I can’t think of too many professions where the practitioners continue to work when there’s no need to. Photography is one exception, for me at least. So, although I was visiting London to undertake a studio shoot, the afternoon before was an opportunity to continue doing what I love, taking photos.

This is a fairly random selection though there is a longer term sense to it. For quite some time there have been some personal themes going on, particularly tourism and selfies, as well as transport and motorcycling. I don’t normally shoot a lot of graffiti but the Banksy caught my eye as I was walking to both Hamiltons Gallery and Atlas Gallery to see a couple of great photography exhibitions.

Not wishing to jinx the upcoming shoot I took the reserve Nikon (D810) out although I was using the 24-70 which I needed to look after. Yes, I have previously fallen over in New York wearing this combo, and I needed the lens the following day. Anyway the hand-held shot of ‘The Walkie Talkie’ building was a bonus on a changeable day. So these architectural skyline images also sit well with my earlier work.

An added bonus is that the only time I like walking is around busy cities, there is so much to see!