West Yorkshire client Terberg have produced a new dual purpose specialist fire and rescue vehicle which is being trialled from Crediton, Mid Devon. The vehicle photography commission involved photographing static shots of this new fire and rescue unit to be used in a brochure/magazine advert.

The marketing manager outlined the proposed brief and much of the static photography was undertaken from the high vantage point offered by the fire station tower. It was agreed that we would do the bulk of the heavy Photoshop work here in Devon sending the artwork files up to the design agency in West Yorkshire.

Once the static shots were completed the dynamic work (shown here) was undertaken as an evening shoot. At this point the nimble but capable dual purpose vehicle really showed its mettle as it squeezed through the Mid Devon lanes.

I had planned to do more work with the lovely setting sun but, well sometimes a van’s gotta do what a van’s gotta do. I think the term is ‘a shout’. Anyway, all I can say is that this vehicle escapes the scene of a photoshoot at an impressive rate.

A huge thanks to Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service for their assistance on this one.

Teberg TELSTAR brochure

Always pleasing to see the images being used. More info here.