Earlier this year I was commissioned by Bulk and Tipper Torque magazine to photograph two fourteen page features of different aspects of the bulk tipper vehicle industry.

The year has been quite hectic and I’m only just getting time to write the events up so for now let’s focus on the visit to ETM in Bristol!

The day started in Bristol at around five in the morning as the driver prepared his vehicle for the long day ahead, my task was to shadow the vehicle as the driver went about his day’s work collecting from quarries and delivering to a range of sites in the Bristol area. Later in the afternoon I was to switch to a different aspect of ETM’s work, waste management, and shadow their roll-on roll-off vehicles again undertaking daily tasks.

Engineering and Vehicle Photography

With experience of civil engineering and vehicle photography this work appeals, and although still in February the day was long and surprisingly bright and hot, a good day for the shoot. For the most part the Nikons were hauled in and out of the cab, the trusty monopod as ever in support. I lost track of the number of times I forgot the number of steps down from the cab though!

There is a preview of article here, alternatively check out the link to Bulk and Tipper Torque above, the magazines are fantastically well produced and a ‘snip’ to purchase.