Sometimes I feel at home in a bike shop, the trip to Moto Corsa was one of those moments. Not a huge shop but packed with bikes that I have been passionate about and reassuringly there were also new bikes that I could become passionate about. A real ‘look, LOOK!’ visit. Added to that a great welcome too; “what type of coffee would you like?”

I was there to photograph an EBR 1190 RX so here’s a bit more from the shoot at Moto Corsa at the weekend. In the end we did two bikes shot with very different approaches; one much quicker to setup.

I had originally intended to only shoot the yellow bike and take it out out and about but the sunlight was fleetingly good and the colour worked well with the shed, so Gordon and Karin came to the rescue with a bit of reflector wrangling.

The change of plan was the dark bike; shot inside with the Bowens Gemini Pro setup. When I started I had intended to use a bit more flash having packed the old Esprits (1000s) but in the end simple seemed better.

The bikes were shot with the D800e and various lenses including the 70-200 f/2.8 24-70 f/2.8 and the 50mm ƒ/1.4. (In an ideal world the shed would have been about 2 metres wider). Karin caught the scene on the D610.

Having packed helmet and gloves I would have like to have had time to take one of these out although I would definitely have chosen the ‘lightweight’s’ way out of the village; those switchbacks on the hill really aren’t for the fainthearted. In the end the day drew dark and it was time to return to the ‘big city’.


Satisfying to see the images on EBR’s social networks.

More info here.