So after a Saturday portrait-testing in the Exeter photography studio, Sunday was a day off? Yes, we loaded a car-full of gear and went to Gt Motorcycles to shoot a pair of lovely Ducatis for a motorbike calendar.

In truth there was a failure to make a choice so we did them both, similar but different if you like, the Panigale V4R or the V4 S, you choose.

In the end the V4R was shot from a 3/4 frontal aspect to capture the wings whereas the S was shot from the side after a personal ‘jazz-hands’ moment. The lights seemed not to be coming together initially quite frustrating given that I’d been going on about how easily these satin finished vehicle photograph.

Both bikes were shot with six lights, four Bowens strobes and two Nikon speedlights on the wheels. The strobes had strip soft boxes above and to the front of the bikes with two harder gridded lights pulling out some details on the front. Capture was with a D850 and 85mm ƒ/1.4 shooting live to the Mac (tethered into Lightroom).

I guess this contrasts with the shot of Karin taken the day before using the same camera/lens but using a single strobe.

Thanks as ever to the team at GT for their assistance and to Karin.