Earlier in the morning I had seen the post on Peter Lindbergh’s Instagram page, it had registered as being a slightly unusual image to post, basically an empty set, but I didn’t read the text at the time. Later I was sat in the hospital waiting to see my consultant and I read the news of his passing, I told Karin who was with me, she knew how much this meant to me.

To describe Lindbergh as a hero of mine would be accurate, his loss left me fighting tears, I didn’t want to lose the plot as I was about to see the consultant, it would have complicated things.

If you are reading this close to the publication date have a look at Twitter, pop his name in the search and look at the love that flows for him.

In August I bought multiple copies of the Meghan Markle ‘Forces For Change’ Vogue, I had been looking forward to it for some time, the publication didn’t disappoint.

There are many videos on YouTube with Lindbergh both in discussion and in action. I have always been in awe of the sense of scale that he worked at, the sets, the film-set sized lighting rigs and so forth, his respect and understanding of light and dark. In many ways this brief video encapsulates much of his approach. What I have also often been amused by is that amongst these huge creations Lindbergh was recording the images on humble Nikons, frequently hand-holding his 70-200 and sharing the results immediately with the various models. It seemed a very simple and direct style with an inherent honesty that obviously had many fans.

What is apparent in everything that I have ever seen and read about him is is love and respect for the people who he worked with, and how this was reciprocated.

My heart is broken. Peter Lindbergh was a genius and an absolute master of his craft. Beyond that, what made him truly one of a kind was his consistent kindness, warmth, and incredible sense of humor. One of the best human beings I have ever met. I will never forget you my friend – Charlize Theron