PR Photography in Exeter’s Princesshay

It’s always great when a client works collaboratively and Sue Cade made a great call to start this shoot in Exeter’s Princesshay as the day’s light succumbed to created light, in this case Devondale’s lighting in the newly opened Lloyd’s Lounge.

This was a shoot of two halves with the initial task being to photograph Kevin, Lewis and Lloyd who were photographed outside the building balancing a flash exposure of the people with a slightly underlit exposure of the building to highlight the lighting. With so many reflective surfaces the lighting gods were being as helpful as the weather gods on this one.

Moving inside the luxury of shooting a newly-commissioned well-lit environment was a delight. Photographing on long exposures but shooting straight to the Mac the gathered team were able to appraise the images as soon as they rendered. I often think that if lighting has been designed well the photographer shouldn’t have to introduce added lighting, this was an exemplary environment. Lloyd, clearly a keen and able photographer was refreshingly excited by this process.

Finally we took a couple of exteriors by which time the weather had broken but my how a bit of rain livens up a pavement!

As ever the delight of work is seeing the images out there and being used.