These sessions are regular fun, they are high quality and well coached, always engaging and fun to photograph; usually tiring too. It’s an odd thing but the truth is it’s easier to use a camera track a car or bike at speed on a road than a child running in a playground, so this kind of work is great photography training too!

As part of the ongoing commitment to the RWC2015 legacy and to the children of Exeter, one of the key host cities, schools across the city can take part in Mini’s Academy which focusses on the very values on which the legacy was founded.

“This is a great opportunity for the children to learn, right from the start, that the most important part of learning anything new, is to have fun and not to worry about making mistakes. That is the way we learn and that is how we grow as players. I think that this is an excellent thing for the children and I am looking forward to spending more time back in Exeter”