A range of items to photograph today! Location product photography of Tudor artefacts and furniture for a retail client in Devon.

The challenge of this photography is to light the objects sensitively, the show the richness and scale of them but honestly and without retouching. As such the camera is always tethered to the Mac and the client can witness the photography as it the images are taken. With this shoot, the lighting was 100% strobe lighting (plus a little speedlight highlight – bounced from polyboard – for the crucifix).

Normally, I would shoot something like the crucifix against white, but today, I stood him against the wall panel that I had just photographed. It seemed to add a different dimension. I then popped some white behind him to get the white shot too.

Part of the challenge with these visits is that there is rarely any (photographic) similarity between any of the items. The scale, form, texture and nature of many of the items is totally different an this brings huge challenges for the photography.

Flipping great stuff pictures look amazing, nice that it’s not all the same old.