A lot can be achieved in a day’s photography given a little planning and this will help gain maximum benefit from the time, effort and of course money. We achieved much with the Strata shoot at Exeter Civic Centre with

  • Studio headshot photography

  • Staff documentary photography

  • Branding photography

  • Photography of technology

  • Photography of meetings

Shooting a range of images in a single session is a great idea given some planning and preparation. Having already visited the site on a recce we started the day prepared with some suitable branding boards and screens to use as background assets. The shooting style was pre-agreed but the day started with some simple test shots followed by sessions that included formal: studio style shots using full studio lighting, photography of meetings, and observational style photography.

The client now has a pool of images to populate their own website, social media channels and brochures with; most importantly this is not stock imagery, it is of genuine people, their people.