Another weekend at the computer, fortunately I enjoy it.

I photograph to raw with a JPEG backup, belt and braces so to speak. This probably confuses some clients who take shots, go home, download a memory card and bish-bosh it’s done. Now, to make it clear, I try to get most of the shot taken ‘in camera’ but a raw file stores more ‘raw’ information however it has to be developed later on, in my case Lightroom is the entry point.

As ever with tech’ one sometimes wonders if this is all really necessary which takes me to my recent trip to Paris. One evening I took the wrong memory card out of the camera and started working the JPEGs not the raw files. At some level I noticed and thought, “where’s all of the detail in the skies gone?” A raw file as it comes into the camera is deliberately flat but, by and large, there is more detail in there, particularly dynamic range. Putting it simply there is more likelihood of retaining highlight detail in the skies, whilst at the same time keeping texture in the shadows. However as I say they need post-processing which takes time. Most of these shots have been worked in Lightroom alone, a couple have popped across to Photoshop but nothing radical. Even the Chevvy car-park shot taken with the Leica M9 at the end of the day hasn’t been beyond Lightroom; don’t overlook it as a programme.

So this weekend I re-visited a couple of earlier trips to Goodwood Festival of Speed, I have already posted shots from the 2014 visit here. Some of these shots are re-visits of earlier images, slightly different focus, different mood emphasis but others are new to me, I particularly like the Bowler shots. Slightly different views of Sir Chris Hoy, Jon Surtees OBE and Jim Redman MBE too.

Most of the photos are taken with the D610 which I was trying out and as ever my 70-200 ƒ/2.8 delivers.

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