Quite frankly it has been an unusual week. A four o’clock start on Tuesday to get to Swansea for eight and then a couple of days being chauffeured around by the attentive Rob who knew the sites well. The commission was to record some recently finished works for a civil engineering company and supply high quality photographs to be used in their new company brochure.

So, the bags were packed and off we went, several hundreds of miles travel and a huge diversity of subject matter. In an ideal world shoots are timed to suit the light and the weather; we didn’t have this luxury but were lucky. Although it didn’t rain but the ‘air’ was so-so, subsequent reports of a pollution cloud made sense. However the hazy light in the last location suited the scene.

When I was first exploring photography I spent a lot of time in Yorkshire photographing rivers, urban landscapes and indeed rail environments. With a commission such as this an aspect of some of the engineering work, particularly the weirs is that they end up being invisible to the casual observer so it’s almost pure landscape photography.

Most of the shots were on the D800 and the 14-24 ƒ/2.8 saw a lot of action; as ever this lens is a real worry in often challenging environments with its exposed front element. I’m still wondering whether the lesser 16-35 might make me feel more comfortable.

I was pleased to be able to present the client with a range of images for each location a sample are shown below, the files were uploaded to some webspace, the client was supplied a set of links.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished brochure.