If there’s a good time to erect a wind-turbine it’s on a foggy day, think about it, there’s no wind so the crane work is easier. So, as I was setting off yesterday at around 5:00 in the morning to photograph the renewable energy source construction site in Cornwall the scene was very different to my previous visit.

I guess some people would fail to understand that at some level I was pleased the weather was going to be pretty vile. I’m not a huge fan of sanitised engineering photography, I prefer to use the camera to document the works as they exist, and if I’m honest I think it’s an important story to tell. But let’s not pretend it makes life easy. Photographing on construction sites means CSCS card, safety boots, glasses gloves, hi-viz and helmet; my Petzl was bought due to its small peak but it still gets in the way. Oh, did I mention Thermos and food?

Some time ago It got fed up with trying to wrap bags round the Nikons in the rain so now they have their own camera cagoules which is workable when the rain is of the downward variety. The lovely Manfrotto rucksack has its own rain cover although is do feel guilty subjecting its fine Italian leather to rain and mud. Later the Manfrotto tripods will get a thorough clean to keep them lasting (my oldest is over 30 years old my newest was bought this year).

Today is about sorting the files, sixty or so have already been attended to but there should be more. As I sort through the images I am reminded of the words of a portrait sitter from the day before who commented ‘it must be an interesting job?’

Agreed, it is.

(I’ve just remembered my boots are still in the bag, yuck)