The truth is I’ve been sat in front of the computer most of the week and feeling a bit in need of some time behind the camera. Fee owes me, she has done for a long time: I can’t even remember what she did or what I bought that came with the caveat of ‘you will let me photograph you’.

Fee is my daughter you see.

Anyway all I wanted to try was a simple portrait set up with a single Bowens Gemini 750 flash to bring light where there was little and an octobox to soften that light. Ideally the sun would have been to the rear a bit more but I achieved what I wanted a simple, soft and subtle lighting. It was meant to be a compare and contrast with the speedlights but, to be honest Fee still owes me, she wasn’t exactly playing the game.

Teenagers eh?

I think it works in colour but I was keen to get a good mono conversion and am pleased with the results.

Shot outdoors with the Nikon D800e, 70-200 ƒ/2.8 + single Bowens Gemini 750 Pro/Octobox and a Bowens Travelpak.

PS Just had a play with another of the files, a slightly different treatment