So previously we wrote about the morning’s male actor’s headshot photography, and now we are able to preview some of Alex’s female portraits from the afternoon’s photography shoot taken on the outskirts of Exeter, Devon.

This is a small sample from a larger selection of photographs, which included: a range of photographic lighting styles; tight headshots; portrait and landscape aspect photographs; three-quarter and full length portraits.

Alex was a fabulous sitter, which bodes well for her acting interests, and was very comfortable in front of the camera. The bulk of the work was indoors although, as can be seen we ventured out into the subdued outside light. What is really pleasing is that in a brief period of time we were able to achieve a good range of subtly differing looks based chiefly Alex’s willingness to work well with differing lighting conditions.

As with William’s shoot these images are about the client rather than tech. There is minimal Photoshop work other than the odd stray hair.

Simple, honest, portraits.