From Design Credo
If you’ve been following this blog you will have seen these photos before. Bottom line is that I should have been back in Bern yesterday but there’s too much on here. However I was reminded of Marion’s hospitality when she opened up the teo jakob shops so that I could look round and photograph them.

This leads me to why I am re-posting the shots. I had a quick look at the posts and am slightly ‘gob-struck’ by what an ageing pocket camera, the Canon IXUS 70 can come up with. Yes I know these images won’t bear full professional scrutiny but, to be able to hack round a hurriedly opened store, fire away at a range of light sources without any added lighting aids, and open this kind of thing up is quite spectacular (I think.)

I have previously shown what can be achieved with relatively (by today’s standards) low-tech gear. Yep, I would still love a Leica M9 but, it’s worth remembering it’s not all about the gear.