The task is to photograph a recently commissioned Pod building at the University of Exeter, ideally devoid of people. The solution is to get there early on a Saturday morning (well read most of Saturday).

A high quality Pod space created by created by the good people in the north has been craned into a courtyard with the Harrison Building at the University of Exeter and again we have had the pleasure of photographing the building.

Unlike the pod photographed in a previous visit this building has a range of uses including a café space, bookable rooms and a range of seating and study areas. With this space we will revisit to capture the building in use as well as the exterior of the site.

Photographing tethered (straight to the laptop) is a boon for this type of photography commission making a simple methodical workflow that is monitored effectively as the photo-shoot proceeds. Being well designed the new structure had good even lighting meaning that a further lighting was only really needed to balance the point where the old and the new met; to be honest this was far from essential.

Eco Architecture at the University of Exeter