It seems odd now but (many, many) years ago my UCCA form had civil engineering at the top of it, not graphics, photography and certainly not psychology which is what I eventually gained my degree in.

So now, attempting to photograph construction sites in a hard hat, gloves, goggles etc. I think civil engineering would actually have been an interesting career. Yes, I’ve been up above the scaffold photographing the railway engineering at Hayle viaduct in Cornwall.

Recently, I read a news article suggesting that people should “embrace engineering’s creative side.” I like to think that photography, and for that matter design, can play a role in celebrating this, it’s certainly how I approach commissions. People have actually bought engineering shots from me to hang on their house walls, this of course makes me happy.

Project such as these will invariably result in a range of images with a differing uses. Some may be simple records, some will quite possible be shot with a consideration to brochure layout – maybe some open space to overlay text. And then there will ideally be some wow shots.

More shots