Sometimes even we don’t shout loud enough, this includes our Exeter product and packshot studio photography.

We have been so busy with headshot photography in the studio that it wasn’t until I did a quick product shot for my own website (shown above) that I thought I should at least mention it!

Recent product shots have ranged from batteries and related products, luxury leather goods for an Italian based company and artworks including paintings and line art.

We are able to colour profile shoots accurately using the X-Rite system, indeed most of our shoots nowadays will have had a bespoke colour profile set, whether needed or not.

The studio is based in central Exeter and though small may be just the solution that you are looking for. We can shoot single items and are willing to quote for multiple items.

Typically smallish to medium sized items are our sweet-spot, the guitars were fun to shoot for Exeter’s Design Credo.