Recently whilst I was on holiday Luminous Showtec contacted me to shoot a variety of images to help with their marketing both online and print based.

I had booked in a recce trip to Luminous who are based at the Science Park in Exeter on the first day that I was back with a view to shooting later in the week. The task was to capture headshots (formal and informal) as well as some non-hero background images. The Science Park offered a number of shooting locations for the people shots so some were taken in an unlit reportage style, others were lit and finally whilst the lights were up some simple two-light headshots were taken.

Afterwards a serious of background images were taken featuring the Luminous products. Throughout the whole shoot, where possible, the Luminous brand colour orange was referenced. Some of the product images were tweaked a little in Lightroom prior to delivery.

With a bit of planning a lot of ground can be covered in a half-day.