A lot can be achieved with a PR photography shoot. STANLEY Security on Marsh Barton Exeter welcomed senior members of the team from the USA, the task was to capture the visit and also achieve some unique shots from the morning’s proceedings.

Being based reasonably close to the site I had undertaken a recce a couple of days before and was given a chance to explore the opportunities and challenges of the site.

The morning was principally a tour of the site with some very inspirational talks from the visiting guests followed by a group shot opportunity aided of course by rapidly changing light due to the lovely SW weather!

The talk and the group shot were attended by the whole factory floor, we had previously agreed to keep the tone of the photos relaxed and friendly and this went for the group-shot.

Within a shoot such as this sometimes pragmatic choices are made, often driven by time constraints, I wouldn’t ideally attempt an impromptu headshot session but it worked. The great thing about this whole shoot was that there was a fantastic atmosphere, this was a serious visit but a genuinely enjoyable and friendly meeting.