I’ve said many times before that I find a beauty in engineering and construction and it’s fantastic to be able to photograph it.

Covid questionnaire supplied and PPE on, unusually I was able to park close-by too. The construction that I was photographing is a hotel being created close to a nearby rugby ground in Exeter; you may well be aware of it, you know, the place next to the M5 J30.

This building is a steel framed construction and that was what I was capturing from the whole picture to the smallest details. The site is well organised my client had a detailed shot-list which is great, this made for a productive session. Devon delivered a range of weathers although the rain had been supplied overnight, it did mean that we had a variety of skies as backdrops.

There is a process to this form of construction and we were able to shoot the framework and the latest wall sections as they were being applied to the structure by crane, it’s all about teamwork and organisation.

I generally use a couple of bodies, the D850 as main, with three zoom lenses. Ideally I tend to use the 14-24 ƒ/2.8 and the 70-200 ƒ/2.8 swapping to the 24-70 ƒ/2.8 if I really have to, windy construction sites aren’t the best place to change lenses on! I always use at least a monopod with a tripod and long exposures for some of the darker areas of the site. I have a safety bungee for the cameras, 3kg(+) would be a lot to drop over the edge. Photography with full PPE is never easy but safety is all.

Postscript: Photo-wall Created

I was recently sent these photons shots by the client. They’ve taken a couple of the files and had the images applied to the works walls up in Yorkshire!

And at some point I will invite myself up to see what they look like!