Always a tad peeved that my Tumblr post that has had the most notes was hijacked. What I mean is that the link back to me seems to have been lost so I can’t see when it gets shared. This probably seems a bit ‘hey look at me’ but it is useful, and sometimes surprising to see what pushes peoples’ buttons. Hey ho.

Having checked through this site’s referral stats and traced a one back to Tumblr I was intrigued though to see these the two photos side by side.


The story was that Karin and I were walking along Savile Row and a tailor-photographer was photographing through a basement window. What caught my attention was that he (Adam Rogers) was using an old Nikon F (chrome) which was rather lovely. Indeed many years earlier I could have been found selling the old Nikons in nearby New Bond St and Tottenham Court Road. We had a brief mutual camera love session. I should add that everyone was dressed considerably better than me.

Anyway we got talking and I asked if I could pop in and take a few shots. Adam remained outside initially and I went in with the Leica M9. The Nikon F was introduced in 1959, the Leica M9 in 2009. So here we have two shots separated by 50 years, and a few seconds.

If anyone knows more of Adam’s photography please let me know.

Savile Row Shots

Postscript: 8/7/13

I was trawling through Lightroom last night and realised that I had shot the photographer so to speak,