This one was a huge bonus. I’d hoped to take a ‘Busa out, we had a location sorted but then I noticed this delightful Triumph Daytona 675 R in the workshop. ‘A customer’s?” I enquired, “No it’s mine” came the answer that I’d hoped for.

Motorcycle photographer Andrew Butler Triumph 675RIt’s been a dull old day, but providing there’s light it can be great light for a white and black bike. Yes this is where weddings and motorcycle photography collide, the technical issues are similar, keeping the highlights and shadows in control, with dark and light and little in the middle; overcast days do this well.

Outside of this there’s not much to it, a couple of SB910’s just inside the workshop firing with a wireless trigger and as ever a second wireless trigger to release the camera. My only problem was that I kept on forgetting that it was raining outside, which was where the camera was, but not necessarily me.

Another day another bike, they really are pretty aren’t they? Cobbler’s shoes? Nope the mechanic’s bike at Bridge Motorcycles.