So this was an interesting commission on a number of levels. Firstly it was great to have been able to introduce Tom from Bad Wolf Horizon to the team to take the aerial footage. I suggested that Tom should make the call on weather and timing, it’s more critical for drone work. All I can say he must be very well connected indeed, fantastic light shone.

Turner Locker Barnfield in Exeter had been tasked with marketing the property and due to the nature of the site it was important that prospective purchasers had as much information as possible, as such a mix of stills, drone footage and drone stills were sought.

As can be seen the site has had renovation work on the roof and the floor joists leaving a fantastic potential and rooms with unique views. The site had no power and although it would have been possible to take battery packs and strobes in there was just enough natural light to work with a great tripod and a very long exposure. This was very much a ‘record the fabric’ commission.

Tom’s Video

If you look closely you can see me padding around the grounds, that’s my Petzl hard-hat, not my head!