Some say one should specialise in photography, I am firmly of the belief that there is a strength to be gained by undertaking a variety of photographic commissions.

Chloe and Naomi recently visited the Exeter photography studio wanting to get some interesting artworks photographed. The main technical problem was that the images were already framed so we needed to control reflections, well, avoid might be a better term.

At some point I will do a post about the less obvious but utterly useful photography tools. Suffice it to say that give me a length of black cloth and a pole and I will be a happy bunny at a time like this.

As ever shooting tethered is always a boon in these studio situations, the images can be previewed and checked immediately on the Mac with the client giving the OK, even before the works had arrived the set had been created and tested using some framed images from my studio. The final images were turned round very quickly and supplied in ho and lo res form, apparently they were needed for a spot on the telly!