Sunny days help but this one sat in the car-park outside TR2 in Plymouth both radiating beams of light and absorbing all it around at the same time. It’s either utterly reflective, totally dark or green. Well, it is a Kawasaki after all. Probably sounds an odd thing to say but this one looked better than I had imagined.

Bob, it would appear, knows how to enjoy his retirement. 200+ at Elvington seems a fair way to spend a weekend along with Mike Grainger from GT Motorcycles in Plymouth. The bike is a 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2, a 1000cc bike with a supercharger, every little helps as they say.

A simple enough shoot, daylight and a reflector panel. Lying down on those rocks wasn’t a great look and the sun was either there or it wasn’t. I’ve had this shot in mind since last year but it really has rained a lot. Even today as I arrived the roads were wet and I felt a little awkward.

Another one in the bag. Huge thanks to Bob and also TR2, in particular the delightful Gill who was so welcoming.