Hard hat, eye protection, gloves, boots, hi-viz, rain, heat, heavy cameras, sweat.

There’s no getting away from it, Monday’s shoot in various locations around Hampshire was undertaken in less than ideal conditions. A range of weather conditions from bland and dull lighting to full-on downpour followed by mucho heat and then more downpour.

And so forth, throughout the day.

This was a ‘being driven’ shoot. Nathan who knew most of the jobs intimately also had a rather interesting Saab 9-3 with all wheel drive and lots of horses; yes, I did say rather interesting Saab. It’s always nice to be driven between locations and can save a huge amount of time.

So yes I was shooting traffic systems, completed and active road works which offered a number of options and approaches. There was a lot of slow-shutter tripod work but then I flipped to pan shots to add drama.

This is a small selection of the day’s shoot already delivered to the client.

My approach with a commission is to offer shots that will do different things. Some might be simple records of the works, others tell a story such as a number of images featuring all of the emergency services. Others will sit well on a website bringing a bit of drama to a banner photo.

Hi Andrew
The photos, as always, are fantastic! In fact I think the moody skies and puddles add a certain something to them. Love the emergency services shots too!

Many thanks for getting the job done for us.

Debbie: Marketing & Proposals Manager

Gallery of Civil Engineering Photography: Hampshire