There is no doubt that modern camera sensors are making low-light photography much easier than it used to be, and the improvements continue. But there is no getting away from the fact that a low ISO image will give a technically superior image file so night-time engineering photography can be undertaken in a number of ways.

Photographic commissions such as this is about recording the story as it unfolds and there are invariably many aspects to the job offering a wealth of photographic opportunities. There will be hero shots and documents of the works. As ever though I endeavour to express the beauty of engineering as well as the complexity of it.

Often one has to be fast moving and aware that apart from being a tripping hazard a Nikon on a tripod won’t offer much resistance to a large Scania truck, however invariably tripod mounted work allows superior quality and sometimes the expression of movement through slower shutter speeds.

As I’ve mentioned before radio releases and tripod mounted cameras can always for multiple angles to be photographed from unrepeatable sequences such as bridge lifts and again with this set I have photographed along one section of the bridge as the second was being lifted in, at the same time I stood closer to the action and recorded the activity.

Starting as the sun is going down the light is really pleasing but this moment is brief, after which the photography approach changes. As the night continues changing weather brings new challenges but also opportunities for engaging images.

As ever, there is a huge endeavour that goes on whilst much of the world sleeps.

Gallery of Night-time Civil Engineering Photography